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Reflecting the Voice and Vision of Children

At Reycraft Books our mission is to create books for children from underrepresented communities that mirror their lives and experiences. We publish original and licensed works from #OwnVoices authors and illustrators who represent and honor these communities.

"I came to the United States as a child—not speaking English and being viewed as ‘other.’ Every child needs to know that his or her story is important—that it has value. We want to publish not only stories from POC authors and illustrators, but also stories about refugee children, children from low-socioeconomic or inner-city communities, children who have an incarcerated parent, and so many other children whose voices have yet to be heard. This is my passion."

— Sera Reycraft, Publisher

NEW 2019

Dragon’s Hometown

A little girl who lives in the United States can’t wait to visit her old hometown in China. She’s excited to visit her family and celebrate the Lantern Festival. Most of all, she plans to look for dragons! Will she find any? Read to find out.

Little koko bear and his socks

Nobody loves socks more than little Koko Bear. He has socks in every color and pattern! There’s just one problem: little Koko Bear never wants to wash his socks. What will he do when he runs out of clean socks to wear?

I am hua mulan

In this inspiring story of female strength and courage, a young girl dreams of the legendary woman warrior Hua Mulan, who disguised herself as a man and joined the army in place of her ailing father. Exquisite illustrations accompany this famous tale, along with the young girl’s musings on what Hua Mulan means to her.


The Little Box

Milly, Molly, and Jimmy’s Seeds

Most Awesome Character in the World


The Mermaid

Chief Spotted Tail

One Land, Many Nations: Volume One

Call Me Max

Reycraft Books Editoral Team

Sera Reycraft

Korean born, Sera knows firsthand the struggles of an immigrant child in a strange land, looking to find herself reflected in the world around her. A trained architect, Sera has brought her eye for design and function to create high-quality, visually impactful, and innovative books for children that honor and respect their community, and help them build essential literacy and language skills.

Eileen Robinson

Eileen Robinson has worked with children’s writers all over the world for over twenty years. Former Executive Editor at Scholastic and Editorial Director at Harcourt, she has acquired published works from the U.K. and Italy, and created original works for U.S. markets. One of the very few African-Americans to own an imprint, she is the founder of Move Books and also teaches the art of revision through The Highlights Foundation and individual workshops. She serves on the Connecticut Digital Library Board and is an adjunct academic advisor for Rosemont College’s publishing program.

Sunita Apte

Sunita is the half-Indian, half-Hungarian child of immigrants. She has lived and traveled in Asia, Europe, South America, and Africa. Born and raised in the southern United States, she grew up never seeing herself reflected in the books she read. To help rectify this state of affairs, she has spent 30 years in publishing, working to create inclusive, compelling material for children and young adults.

Wiley Blevins

Wiley has lived throughout the United States, South America, and the Middle East. He has also worked extensively in Asia. As an author, former Editorial Director at Scholastic and McGraw-Hill, and early reading specialist, he brings three decades of experience creating books for young readers.