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It’s Chinese New Year and Grandma has a special present for her family: a rooster to make into delicious soup! But when her granddaughter, Xiaoyue, meets the rooster, she begs to keep him as a pet. Together, Grandma and Xiaoyue take the rooster on a journey through the city to ring in the New Year.


A grandma and her rooster visit family in the city with unexpected results in this import set in contemporary China.

It is Lunar New Year, and Grandma visits her granddaughter, Xiaoyue, bringing along her rooster. The plan is to make her grandchild her “scrumptious chicken soup.” However, once she arrives, she watches as Xiaoyue throws her arms around the bird and declares, “I want to keep this rooster!” (Her emphatic desire is underscored with the use of display type that extends across the double-page spread.) With the reluctant consent of her parents, Xiaoyue and Grandma take turns asking neighbors if they mind if she keeps a rooster; they all happily consent, citing either good luck, since it’s the Year of the Rooster, or fond family and childhood memories. Grandma reveals two more gifts for Xiaoyue: a special toy and a pair of shoes, both made with rooster feathers. Delighted, Xiaoyue walks around the city with Grandma showing off her presents as the rooster humorously follows, sparking nostalgia and goodwill throughout. Yu provides plenty of eye-popping illustrations, beautifully rendered in watercolor with detailed scenic views. The simple story concludes with Grandma and the rooster eventually returning home, with the promise that Xiaoyue and her parents will visit her for the next new year. A delightful Lunar New Year tale of love, family, and a rooster.

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