Book Description

Philomena hates wearing her hearing aids. They are too loud and distracting. She would rather sign and use her imagination. When her dad gives her a book with a sad-looking, hearing impaired girl on the cover, Philomena knows she can create a better story—Something fun. Something special. Something amazing! Enter THE MOST AWESOME CHARACTER IN THE WORLD.


Philomena creates a superhero and goes on a fabulous adventure in her own imagination. As the story begins, Philomena is exploring a jungle when her father interrupts to insist that she clean up her living-room blanket fort and wear her hearing aids. Her hearing aids are annoying and loud, and she would much rather sign than listen and speak. Philomena, who has light skin and straight black hair, wants to live and play in her own way—not the way others think she should. She doesn’t want to read about a sad deaf woman; she wants to create an awesome superhero! In her room, she imagines a cast of colorful heroes, monsters, and robots to entertain her. As Philomena daydreams, Sanfelippo’s vibrant illustrations grow to fill the page and bring readers into Philomena’s world. The actual plot is thin, but the lively text and illustrations usher readers from one page to the next. It is a delight to see Philomena unapologetically reject hearing aids and speech and take joy in signing. Pottle shows readers the rich inner life of a Deaf child and directly counters the tragic narrative of deafness while telling a fun story that any young reader could enjoy.

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