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How do owls see in the dark? Can owls spin their heads all the way around? Why do owls puke? These and other questions are answered along with some extra information provided by the owls themselves!


Everything you always wanted to know about owls, from their peculiar eating habits to their unique vision, hearing, and how they raise a family.

Transcending the usual clichés we all know about owls—“the unforgettable call. The glowing eyes. The fierce beak”—this elegantly designed picture book skillfully reveals the diversity and variety intrinsic to the order. High-quality, detailed photos of a number of different species of owl are thoughtfully juxtaposed with pertinent questions, scientific information, and a cartoon great horned owl who provides humorous “Whooo Knew?” factoids. The power of this fascinating predator really comes across in the superb color photos of owls snatching and swallowing prey, vomiting up pellets, spinning their heads (yes they can do this because they have 14 neck vertebrae!), and engaging in other characteristic behavior. Each double-page spread asks a pertinent question: “What’s for dinner?”; “How do owls hunt?”; “Do owls puke?” (no, they just regurgitate pellets); “Do owls sleep all day?”; “Do owls see in the dark?”; “What good are feathers?’; “What do owl babies do?” Ever wondered what owl tufts are for? (They’re not ears but mood indicators.) There is an environmental message embedded in the book, and a section on building owl-friendly habitat offers suggestions for how readers can help. Backmatter features a brief primer on owl anatomy, instructions on how to dissect an owl pellet, and a glossary.

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